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ABOUT Conveyor

The KE conveyor is a solid high performance chain conveyor optimized for feeding balers with recyclable and non recyclable material. The conveyor consists of a durable frame with lateral side walls, rubber belt, drive and stretching device station. Their widths range from 800 to 1900mm, with drives from 1.5 to 15kW.

Conveyor -
Durable Frame

The KE conveyor is designed for high loads. The frame of the conveyor is made of a solid steel construction. The additional sliding supports below the belt make it easy to absorb heavy loads. The lateral side walls at an angle of 90 degrees prevent material jams.

  • Solid construction for years of operation
  • Low operational costs
  • High availability
  • Wide range of application with different models
  • High reliability
  • Easy operation
Conical Upper Side

The additional side wall at the upper end of the conveyor prevent material from falling over the sides.

Chain Rails

Changeable curves elements.

The bolted chain guiding elements at the belt curves guarantee easy maintenance.

Robust Chain

Quick and lower maintenance.

The chain bolts and rollers are made of hardened steel. The breaking load of the chain is 22 tonnes for KES conveyors and 16 tonnes for KEM conveyors. The heavy duty chain lashes make it easy to absorb heavy loads. The chain is equipped with exchangeable plastic chain guards, preventing the direct contact between chain and its guiding elements.

Drip Oilers

Optimal chain lubrication.

In order to provide for environmentally safe operations at optimum cost, the drip oilers can be equipped with magnetic valves as an option in order to prevent oil spillage during non operational periods.

Over the last 38 years, Kadant PAAL Limited has become the UK`s leading manufacturer and supplier of static and portable waste compactors. The waste compactors are designed and developed for durability, high performance and ease of operation. This is important to organisations wishing to reduce the frequency and cost of waste collections or where space and hygiene are important factors. This is achieved by significantly reducing the ratio of waste from its original volume. Dependent upon the type of material, a Dicom waste compactor can reduce the waste volume by a ratio of 4:1. This ensures that maximum payloads are achieved with each container. Kadant PAAL's portable waste compactors can be supplied with several standard options, such as: liquid retentive seals to prevent food waste leakage, bin lifting equipment for lug and comb type waste containers, choice of standard hopper – open splayed, enclosed, dock loading. The static compactors are also available with a range of hopper options and tipping mechanisms and are available in a range of sizes to suit all volumes. Our equipment can be seen working in almost any industry including manufacturing, retail, leisure, hospitals, restaurants, food production, HM Forces, transport, schools & colleges, warehousing and is often used by waste and recycling contractors to process materials such as cardboard, plastics, food and general waste. Our products meet a range of wide and varied requirements, including the latest health and safety standards, and we offer a range of payment options from outright purchase, rental or lease; so regardless of your waste handling needs, Kadant PAAL have the solution.